The Pays du Saint-Bernard

Fill up on activities in the Pays du St-Bernard! Go on a hike or take advantage of the PASS Saint-Bernard to access more than 15 unlimited activities for only CHF 15.- per day in summer, CHF 29.- per day in winter or for the summer season or from CHF 69.- for the whole year with, among other things, our ski areas and public transport!

Pays du St-Bernard

The fir benefits

The fir from our mountains, but also the spruce, known as the natural emblems of our lounges during Christmas period, have also been renowned for centuries for their properties and flavours.

During this activity, we will discover these majestic trees, identify them and collect their shoots and resin. Then, indoors, we will make a drink from our harvest, a protective balm and a syrup to take away.

Thanks to these preparations, you will enjoy the benefits and the unique flavour of these conifers.

Each of the participants will leave with the recipes and products made.

3 hours.
Easy walk.
Price: CHF 450 for 4 people, including 2 product making, the walk and worshop.
From 10 years old.
Required equipment: Clothing suitable for walking in cold and snowy weather.

Winter natural care workshop

During this workshop, discover how to develop different natural cares and cosmetics to complement your family pharmacy. We will make 2 products to protect your body from winter (protective face cream, lip balm…).

We will discover and use 100% natural ingredients such as homemade wild plant macerates, hydrolats, vegetal oils and butters…

You will learn, for example, the simple techniques of cooking, emulsion, judicious assembling for a personalized final product answering a special need.

In addition, you will leave with your preparations and the recipes that will allow you to make them at home.

2 hours.
Price: CHF 400.- for 4 people, including 2 product making, ingredients and the workshop.