Ideal temperatures, beautiful scenery and an incredible choice of activities!

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Summer fun in the mountains
Absolute tranquillity.
Amazing beauty

Positive emotions in a natural and authentic environment

The hotel complex welcomes you to stay in century-old barns which were renovated with style and high regard for tradition, in the charming hamlet of Commeire, right above Orsières, in the heartland of Pays du Saint-Bernard, in the canton of Valais.

From each building nature unfolds profusely to feast your eyes on the valley below or up and around with a breathtaking view on the surrounding mountain tops, while contemporary interiors are designed to only keep the essentials. The absolute tranquillity of the place makes it ideal for guests who wish to focus and enjoy restful, refreshing stays.

Slow Food Travel

Wild charm @ Montagne Alternative

In this place, far from the crowds, a unique experience in connection with nature awaits you, as you discover wild plants and their traditional uses. The surrounding area is full of plants used by our ancestors for food and medicine. You will learn to recognize and use them according to popular traditions during a course led by Guillaume de Nature en Conscience, a field ethnobotanist and cook.

Slow Food Travel offers an exclusive tour to discover the agricultural production of the Valais and the resulting gastronomy. Conducted in small groups of 8 to a maximum of 15 people, its programmes are designed to be educational, based on human encounters and exchanges and, of course, on taste.

From CHF 575 per person

05.-06. June 2021 (FR)
19-20 June 2021 (EN)
03.-04. July 2021 (EN)
07.-08. August 2021 (FR)
04.-05. September 2021 (EN)