Getting away, sharing, inspiring

Montagne Alternative invites you to discover a unique setting for your residential seminars right in the heartland of the Grand Saint-Bernard Valley, one hour and twenty minutes away from Lausanne.

Two fully equipped, renovated, modular conference rooms await you. They can accommodate up to 40 participants and offer an invigorating view on the surrounding mountains… What if the mountains became your meeting room? Outside meetings will stimulate reflection. A fully fitted meeting room in the middle of mountain pastures will be yours for the asking…

Aspiring for freedom? Take to the forest with our ‘Meeting BackPack’ to create your own open-air working space. Rely on this rare and original environment to explore new activities and ways to relax… Set out on a mountainside snowshoe hike, take time to stargaze during a teaching workshop, relax your mind to the sound of Tibetan bowls, or slip away for a gourmet walk to an alpine cottage.

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